Embark on a journey of knowledge, innovation, and networking with our carefully curated program at the Voice Of The Car Summit. From insightful keynotes to exclusive executive briefings, our schedule is designed to provide a comprehensive experience for all attendees.

12:00 PM – Registration Opens

Prepare to dive into the world of automotive technology and voice/AI integration as our doors open for registration. Connect with fellow professionals, explore interactive exhibits, and get ready for a day filled with valuable insights.

12:55 PM – Welcome by Bradley Metrock, CEO Project Voice

Kickstart the summit with a warm welcome from Bradley Metrock, the visionary CEO of Project Voice. His opening remarks will set the tone for an engaging and forward-thinking event, laying the foundation for the exciting discussions ahead.

1:00 PM – Keynote by Cerence

Immerse yourself in a captivating keynote session by Cerence, a trailblazer in the voice and AI industry. Gain deep insights into the latest advancements, emerging trends, and the transformative impact of voice technology on the connected car ecosystem.

1:30 PM – Executive Briefings from Selected Voice/AI Companies

Delve into exclusive executive briefings from handpicked voice and AI companies. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions, strategic visions, and real-world applications that are shaping the future of voice and AI in the automotive sector.

2:30 PM – Networking Reception

Engage in meaningful conversations, expand your professional network, and unwind in a relaxed setting during our networking reception. Connect with industry peers, share ideas, and foster collaborations that extend beyond the summit. This is your chance to build lasting relationships with key players in the automotive and technology landscape.

The Voice Of The Car Summit program is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless blend of education, inspiration, and networking opportunities. Join us for a day that promises to elevate your understanding of connected cars and voice/AI integration while fostering connections that will drive innovation in the industry.