The #1 event for conversational AI and the modern connected car returns, as two in-person invitation-only executive gatherings.

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The Voice of the Car

The modern connected car has much to gain from integrating voice.


Already, the race is on, as brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Tesla, Hyundai, Ford, and many others are integrating various voice assistants and conversational AI into their vehicles.

Where are we heading?

What are the best practices we've already learned?

Who is out in front, leading this industry evolution?

How are different companies approaching this fascinating, complex frontier?

Learn all of this, and more, at The Voice of the Car Summit.

Presented by Cerence, and produced by Project Voice.

Invitation-only in-person CEO briefings and executive networking in Detroit and San Jose.



3:00 PM - Welcome (Bradley Metrock, CEO Project Voice)

3:15 PM - Keynote (Cerence)

Sujal Shah (Voice of the Car Summit East, Detroit MI)

Sanjay Dhawan (Voice of the Car Summit West, San Jose CA)

3:30 PM - CEO briefings from selected voice/AI companies

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Executive Networking


Both dates of The Voice of the Car Summit (May 13 in Detroit and May 20 in San Jose) are available to attend by invitation only.

The event gathers together technology and automotive executives working with, or considering the integration of, voice technology & conversational AI into the connected car.

To inquire about attending, please email


Ford's Garage

21367 Michigan Avenue

Dearborn MI 48124


Club Auto Sport

521 Charcot Avenue

San Jose, CA 95131

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